Behind The Curtain | Kickstarter Update #19

Behind The Curtain | Kickstarter Update #19

Samples Are Approved! 

Hey Everyone! We've got some incredible updates to share from the last month or so of VOYAGER production at PARKIT. Let's get you up to speed!


We’re pleased to share that things are moving right on schedule for our delivery deadline of March 2021. The golden samples for the cooler, components, carry straps, and chair frames are entering their final testing phases. We anticipate that everything will be approved for mass production by the end of the month. 


The Golden sample of the chair frame will be presented to us next week. Based on prior prototypes, earlier samples, and guidance from the factory, we're anxiously awaiting completion of this component so we can assess and approve the model for mass production. On the tooling side, all the tooling components are complete and have been tested. 


First off, the cooler looks fantastic. We've made some adjustments to make it more functional and efficient. What's been updated: side pockets have been removed and have been replaced with 2 waterproof & sealed pockets across the front of the cooler. This will keep electronics and other valuables safe.

The cooler has also been put through water-leakage testing. The leakage test returned positive results and ensures that the build construction methods being used will produce a cooler that doesn't leak and is completely water-resistant.  

Most importantly, the cooler has been put through two Ice tests of which both were very successful. We performed one indoor & one outdoor test. The initial results are outstanding. The indoor test was completed in an 81-degree office where ice was maintained far beyond the goal of 8 hours. The outdoor test was completed in  83-degree weather (plus humidity & sunlight) and again, ice was maintained well beyond the 8-hour goal. Check out the latest image of the cooler.


The webbing samples have been recieved and the colors have been approved. We're very excited to see the webbing come to life. The patterns look incredible and the material feels great. Here's an image of each webbing pattern (plus the cooler and some hardware) and a quick look at the webbing's water-resistant capabilities.



Thank you as always for your ongoing support of our brand. We've received personal notes from many of you, and we can't express how inspiring and motivating those notes have been for our team. COVID-19 has presented many unforeseen challenges, some of which wouldn't have been a thought just a year ago. But, regardless of the hurdles, we've had to adjust and our team has persisted. We've stayed on schedule, managed production updates and product enhancements an entire ocean away. Our partners and our team have worked late into the night to finalize the finest components of the product making sure it's perfect. We are more excited than ever for this first round of product to arrive so you can use this incredible outdoor chair in your daily life. 

If you have any questions or comments, let us know. We're always here to help support our community. thank you again.