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Airstreaming Across Alaska & Beyond | Part IV: Coming Soon..

“I am not living in a trailer.” Coming Soon!

Airstreaming Across Alaska & Beyond | Part III: Other-Worldly Beauty

Seeing something just a bit further than most people go can truly open your mind and spark a deeper understanding go the beauty of this planet. If you can make it to Alaska, awesome! If you can’t, just try crossing a state line or getting a bit lost out in the country. Take in something new around you and let it wake you up to how awesome this world is. That’s certainly what happened to us.

Airstreaming Across Alaska & Beyond | Part II: Off-Grid Alaska

The beauty of this lifestyle is that each day is different. We don’t clock into an office job Monday - Friday. Our “weekend” is sometimes on a random weekday and we are so grateful to be able to make our own schedule.

The Inertia’s 5th EVOLVE Summit Packed the House in Encinitas

On Saturday, September 17, The Inertia’s 5th Annual EVOLVE Summit hit Encinitas, Calif. Held at the Changing Tides headquarters, it exceeded expectations, and expectations were high.EVOLVE holds a special place for us at PARKIT. It's...

Airstreaming Across Alaska & Beyond | Meet Collin & Kendal Strachan

What does it look like to pack up your apartment in LA, move into a 33 foot Airstream, and start traveling with no destination in mind? For us, it’s been a wild ride with intense highs, unexpected lows, and a lot of beautiful moments...

How to Plan a Trip to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's most popular tourist attractions, welcoming over five million visitors each year. It's a six-million-year-old wonder brimming with impressive geologic features and thriving wildlife. It's the place to...

The Best Snowboarding Across the Country

Chilly feet. Slippery roads. Ice. Shoveling snow from the driveway. Driving through thick snow. With winter here, that’s what most of America is dreading right now. But not us. 

5 Winter Wonderlands Around the US

Winter has arrived, and we’re willing to bet that you’re ready for a quick getaway! This year, prepare to embrace the cold and enjoy all the fun wintry activities that come along with it.

The Top 5 Best Winter Destinations in the US

Want to escape to a winter wonderland this year? These 5 US destinations should make it on your list!