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Enjoy the Exploration with Voyager from PARKIT. This outdoor recreational-use chair has been designed to provide maximum comfort, ultimate durability, and fundamental functionality to relax in the great outdoors. A cooler-chair combo, a versatile cupholder, hands-free carry straps and more, VOYAGER is built to last, adventure after adventure.


INDUSTRIAL FRAMING | We've sourced Aircraft-Grade Aluminum for the foundation of the Voyager. Strength, durability, and resilience in every use. 

WOVEN POLYESTER WEBBING | Our unique fabric design is made from woven polyester which is soft to the touch and maintains strength to keep that “like new” comfort. The fabric is coated with a waterproof barrier.

WOODEN ARMREST | Durable, finished & sealed to add that extra touch of style to any fireside campout.


Sit where you’re supposed to sit. Somewhere along the way, we decided to sit as low to the ground as possible. Turns out that’s bad for your physical well-being. We’ve designed the VOYAGER to be conscientious to our natural sitting position. Scroll down to learn more.


INSULATED COOLER | Designed to hold ice for 8+ hours and includes exterior pockets to securely carry all items to and from your basecamp. 

HANDS FREE CARRY | Hands-free-carry strap(s) that gives your hands the freedom to carry whatever the day demands + Double Pack (Fold and Carry) that secures those extra items needed at your destination. Learn more below.

INTERCHANGEABLE CUP HOLDER | Cup holder fixtures built into either side of the framing (left/right) with cutouts designed for cans, insulated water bottles, and coffee mugs.


1 Mangrove tree planted for every Voyager purchased. Every chair sold by PARKIT means a new opportunity for SeaTrees to plant a Mangrove and reach their goal of planting 1 million trees. Each tree is cared for and grown by the local communities to pave the way for a sustainable future.



"They thought of everything! Literally everything. It's the best outdoor chair I've ever used."
       - Madison, Los Angeles, CA

"The 3-in-1 features make my beach days a breeze. Honestly, it's so easy to carry and the cooler stores the perfect amount of drinks and snacks for our beach days. It's great!"

       - Autumn, San Diego, CA

"Pretty amazing chair. It sits higher than the majority of other beach chairs which I enjoy. Easy to get in an out of. The material is great as well! Compared to the Yeti chair, you get a lot more bang for your buck."

       - Bill H., Gig Harbor, WA

Hands Free Carry x 3

Hands-free-carry options give your hands the freedom to carry whatever the day demands. Voyager supports 3 carry styles: Use 1 strap to carry Voyager over the shoulder & cross-body satchel or, use 2 straps and set up your Voyager like a traditional backpack.

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  • What's the weight capacity of Voyager?

    So far we've only had a chance to test the Voyager outdoor folding chair at 350 lbs of weight and it stood up to the (informal)test. We anticipate that the final product will be able to hold 400lbs or more but more formal tests are needed to certify these weight limits.

    *Without a formal certification on weight limits we can't publicly claim a specific limit

  • How much does Voyager weigh?

    The Voyager weighs about 13 lbs. This figure is inclusive of an empty cooler.

  • What are the dimensions of Voyager?

     The Voyager chair dimensions are:

    - Total Height: 30"
    - Seat Height: 16"
    - Backrest height: 19"
    - Total Width: 23"
    - Seating Area Width: 19"
    - Backrest Height: 19"
    - Seating depth: 16"

  • When will my Voyager outdoor chair ship?

    The production process for Voyager is underway (8/2020)! We anticipate & are planning for delivery to kickstarter backers and pre-order customers in Q1 2021.

    Customers who Pre-Order Voyager on our website, starting in August of 2020, will have the opportunity to cancel their order for a full refund up to the moment the product ships. Learn more about shipping and delivery here