"Born around the fire, enjoyed everywhere."

The best bonds I've built with others have always emerged through the chase of what could be described as a life-defining adventure. In my late teens to mid 20's, I found myself chasing swells and storms across different continents. Each journey would bring to life a new crew of people, intimately pursuing the same pleasure as I was and also, dealing with the same consequences. Through these ups and downs and the chase of the ultimate goal of our endeavor (be it waves, snow, food, a tour of a foreign city through the lens of a local legend), all the experiences were lived together. The stories of our lives formed, and the defining moments of our own characters came to life. There were rarely cameras to capture it and as we traveled. The way we learned about one another was through the stories that we shared about our past, the dreams we had about our futures, and the experiences happening in real-time, told around the fire each and every night.

There we'd sit, full from a hot meal cooked over an open flame. Our emotional buckets full from the days activities and in front of us, a sun setting behind the horizon lighting the sky a blaze of different colors. The crackle of the fire, accompanied by the laughter of friends and crashing waves on the shore consumed our ears. In that moment, the crew we'd put together had become a family - the countless snapshots I wish I had in my photo archives...

Sure, this was the extreme of it. Living out of a rented station wagon, sleeping off a dirt road on Australia's surf coast isn't for everyone (shout out to the donkey that woke us up that morning so we could get to Bells at first light). Sometimes it's as simple as going to the local beach with your kids, watching them play in the sand  as they dig up the sand crabs. It's a moment sitting by a stream or lake, watching your daughter catch her first fish, or maybe it's your son's first baseball season and you've just witnessed his first home run... The emotional purity of each scenario is the same. The important thing, at least from my perspective, has always been the ability to honestly and authentically answer this question, were you there for it? Did you see it? Feel it? Were you there to experience it with those around you, to teach them, support them, hell, sometimes it's you supporting yourself which can often be just as important, if not more important - The ultimate question: Were you present in that moment?


That's where PARKIT entered my life. This idea that would bring back a sense of presentness to life. Put down the screen. Connect to the real tangible world, focus on the connections, people, experiences & places that are directly in front of you.

Yes, at the end of the day our products incorporate features that enable a more enjoyable seating experience, we're proud that we've built those into it and they certainly make our time around the fire for us more enjoyable than chairs of yesteryear, but the main focus of PARKT was, is, and always will be to bring to life products and experiences that serves as a reminder that the things you love the most are often right in front of you, take that moment, have a seat, soak it in, and log as many of them into the memory banks as you possibly can. That's what you get to take with you when you go.

The fast-paced nature of our lives isn't how I believe we are supposed to live. In between my excursions, I'd jump in and out of the corporate hamster wheel. Time would race, stress would build, health would deteriorate... I knew it was time to hop off the wheel when I couldn't remember what I ate for dinner the previous night or who the last person surfed with was... I'd look in the mirror and see a drone of my former self, moving from one day to the next, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sunset from the driver's seat during my weekday commute on a busy freeway with 1000's of other people who were probably living along the same dull experience.

That's never where I wanted to be. It's not where I think any of us want to be. But I guess it paid the bills. In time, I made it my mission to break that system, build a product around a mission that inspired others to break away from those habits as well. Take this thing called life and with whatever power I could muster, bend it to fit a mold that I knew would inspire me to collect more of those memories and share in the joy of those moments. As time progressed, I found that I wasn't alone. People close to the ideals of PARKIT's mission turned up and began to help. They too wanted to experience the best of what life could offer.

It's been 3-yrs now since we brought PARKIT to the public. Our timing couldn't have been more unique. A virus had shut down the world. Person-to-person connection was frowned upon and there was PARKIT, getting its first steps underway to remind us to make time for the important people, events and places in our lives. Find time to detach from the daily routine, to step into a day or two where the end is a bit unknown.

So go find a beautiful spot with your partner to watch the sunset, take your kids to the beach to play in the waves, and eat smore's around a bonfire. Invite the girl you're interested in to that camping trip to Joshua Tree. Load up the camper with all the toys, find a nice sandbar on the river and dance till the stars come out... It's a life we're given, and a life given is a life worth living.

That's why we started PARKIT. So you can enjoy the best of these moments. Join us in these moments, grab a seat around the fire, tell us the stories of who you are, who you aim to become, what's you legacy going to be?


- Steven Wilcox, Founder, PARKIT Co.



PARKIT was born around the fire. It was founded by people who believe that spending quality time outdoors, with the people we cherish most, will always allow us to experience the best of what life has to offer. This belief is at the core of everything we do. When we set out to build the ultimate outdoor chair we knew we were doing more than innovating a product line. We were building a product that would stand as a symbol, bringing people together from all walks of life, sharing their stories of adventure, and enabling our community to grow. 




#EnjoyTheExploration. PARKIT exists to support those who are passionate explorers, creating community amongst nature’s greatest playgrounds. Live to explore, explore to experience, and experience to share. Our motivations will always align with our mission and we look forward to the journey ahead.  

Parkit Voyager outdoor chair being used at Zion National Park



A presence of self, presence of place and presence of time. Our foundation comes from living in the moment, focused on what is happening in the now.


The thrill of adventure is the blood that courses through our veins. We live and die by the ability to create and explore the world around us.


We all have a responsibility as humans to leave everything we come in contact with better than the way in which we found it. Especially when it comes to our Planet. That's why we're proud to be an established partner with 1% for the Planet.


We welcome those who share our adventurous spirit to join our mission and share their perspective of the world with one another. We intend to cultivate a community of explorers that can grow with one another in both character and adventure.


Each of us is a collection of stories, stories that make us uniquely different yet similar in so many ways. Through the spirit of independence, we are free to create for ourselves. These creations become the experiences that depict the stories of who we are. 


As adventures, entrepreneurs, and people, we are dedicated with full determination to our goals. We fight for what we believe in and stand for what’s right. We take life and we bend it towards our desires and outcomes.