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Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

Pulling up to the parking lot, taking the bike out of the bed of the truck, putting your helmet, gloves, pads, and shorts on. Welcome to Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. Located in Issaquah Washington, Duthie Hill is a bikers paradise. This is not just because of the endless trails but also because of the jaw dropping scenery. Right when you get to the parking lot this is where your journey truly starts. Entering the park is easy as you simply follow a path. Then, you’ll know right away when you get there. Filled with bikers of all ages, there are trials for everyone. Whether you are a beginner learning new bike techniques, or a professional doing backflips over fifteen foot gaps, Duthie is the perfect place.

Surrounded by massive red cedar trees makes you feel like a little kid again. The fresh Washington air truly makes you feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer  anything. Duthie Hill is a world-renowned destination that covers more than 100 yards of evergreen forest. These trails were built and cared for by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance along with hundreds of volunteers. Thanks to these people, Washington is now home to an incredible park with six miles of rolling single track that is shaped as a four leaf clover. Within the four leaf clover there are one way trials built for both bikers and hikers. 

Whether you want to rip down a single track and tear up birms, or go for a beautiful hike within Washington’s forest, Duthie Hill is a spot you must go to. Within the middle of the park there is more than just trials. The builders created an open area for informational kiosks, skill building areas, and a picnic area, making it an awesome place to hang out and have lunch with your friends. This also makes it a place you don't just bike and then go home right after. On a Saturday morning you can ride for hours and then have an area to just relax, socialize, and share stories and memories with others. Every June, people also enjoy the annual Evergreen Mountain Bike Park Festival at Duthie Park which includes competitions, raffles, skill’s clinics, and fun kid’s events.

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park is truly an experience. Whether you enjoy biking or not, this Pacific Northwest destination is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. When at the park make sure to be safe, have a great time and #EnjoyTheExploration.

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