How Photography Takes Me To New Places

How Photography Takes Me To New Places

The urge to explore is real. It's in everyone. Although the level to which one explores versus another can be a bit different, the urge we feel to step into the unknown brings both risk and reward. Recently we connected with a young photographer who's talent is truly limitless. His name is Markus and this young photographer found his passion by simply grabbing a camera and taking a stroll with his friends around the local area. This is how photography has taken Markus to new and exciting places.



Hey Markus! Pumped to have you joining us. We’re stoked to connect with you and share your passion for photography and the outdoors. To start off, tell us a little about yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? How old are you? What makes you love life?

Markus: Thanks for having me, I’m happy for the opportunity to talk about my passion. I’m Markus, I’m 17 years old and I live in Bavaria. These days I still go to school as I'm preparing for University next year. My love for life comes from the feeling of satisfaction that I get when I am outside with my friends and feel the freedom of life doing what I want.

PARKIT: Now that our readers have had a taste of who you are, let’s get into the good stuff. You love photography. How’d that come about?

Markus: My passion for photography came slowly, step by step. First of all, I would take photos with my mobile phone. Looking at my photos from the past made me appreciate and reflect on the moments back then. One day I went on top of a mountain nearby my home with my friend and I brought my Dads camera because we planned to shoot cool photos of him with his guitar. We had to go exactly this day because winter was coming and the lighting was perfect. After that adventure, I started to bring a camera with me more often and the opportunity to create incredible photos came by itself. I enjoyed doing that and so I haven't stopped taking pictures since. 

PARKIT: Very cool. We’re big fans of the way you’ve used shadows in all your photography to make each image timeless. Did you always have such great photography style?

Markus: Thanks for your nice words. First of all, I must say that the pictures were not that great when I started. In the beginning, I didn’t know much about photography and the art behind that. But then I learned by doing and trying new things and suddenly I began to understand more about the camera, its settings and how to use them correctly.

PARKIT: Where’s your favorite subject and your favorite place to shoot? What makes them your favorite

Markus: Personally, I prefer to shoot photos with human components. In my view every photo gets more alive and interesting with them. In fact, I don’t have a favorite place to shoot but I love to take my photos in natural light outdoors.

PARKIT: How has your passion for photography affected your life when it comes to travel, exploring, and pursuing the outdoors?

Markus: My passion for photography moves me to go outside and search for the perfect spot to capture the moment. To illustrate, I’m more excited about mountain hiking since I’m looking for more accurate and good images. Because of my hobby, I’m more often outdoors with my friends enjoying life.

PARKIT: That’s incredible. We find that a lot of people who’ve gotten deep into the thrill of capturing the perfect moment seek out more incredible experiences just as you've mentioned. It’s almost like the camera becomes the instigator. In a world where everyone seems to be locked behind a phone screen… what do you say when you meet someone who sees’s images like yours and wants to create and see such places for themselves?

Markus: You have to go into our beautiful world with open eyes, you have to leave your comfort zone to discover new spaces, you have to be spontaneous in all the things you do to see the details everywhere around you. Sometimes you can find amazing structures in the most commonplace surroundings. You should take your camera and capture the moment before its gone. Going outdoors and taking pictures is the first step you have to take.

PARKIT: That’s sound advice. One of our main missions as an organization is to promote exploration and living life outdoors. How has the outdoors impacted your life? 

Markus: Since I go outside to take photos, I am more aware of nature and the elements of light and shadow. The adventures outdoors tend to deliver a more fulfilling experience than sitting in front of a screen. Photography has often taken me out of the house to pay more attention to nature and the world we live in.

PARKIT: We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Well, thanks for the time! We’re stoked to share your photography with the world and we hope to see more of it soon. Enjoy the exploration!

Markus: I enjoyed working with you and having this interview. It was a new and interesting experience for me to think about what photography means to me now. I’m only at the beginning of my journey an I look forward to the coming experiences