Production Update | Product Is On The Water

Production Update | Product Is On The Water

We have exciting news to share with all of you. A little over a week ago we received word from our production partners that our containers had been picked up by our logistics partner and were loaded onto cargo ships. It's official, the product is on the water and headed for the Port of Long Beach.


As mentioned in our last updates, we're targeting delivery to all pre-order customers in the month of May. We don't have exact time frames as to whether the final leg of shipping will occur in early May or late May. There are a lot of elements outside our control at the Port of Long Beach that will ultimately determine how quickly chairs land in our distribution warehouses. Without getting into too much detail around customs, inspections, unloading, etc, there are record levels of congestion at the port with upwards of 25-30 ships, anchored offshore awaiting their opportunity to berth and unload their cargo. This is causing delays of 1-3 weeks. This is a global issue that's affecting thousands of businesses and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

You can read more about the congestion at the port via the link below:

Photo taken from the coast in Long Beach showing the expanse of ships awaiting approval to berth.


The product has passed all QC inspections with the factory. Production quality samples arrived at our office earlier last month, and we can't wait to get these chairs delivered so you can use them on your next adventure. 

As always, if you have any questions or updates, shoot us an email. The best contact address for our team is

Expect another update once the product has cleared customs at the Port of Long Beach and is on its way to our warehouse.