The Latest Pre-Order Production Update | Customs Clearances

The Latest Pre-Order Production Update | Customs Clearances

We have exciting news to share. The latest batch of Voyager Outdoor chairs have officially arrived at the Port of Long Beach and customs clearances are underway.


There's only a handful of steps left to complete before Voyager outdoor chairs will make their way to your homes, backyards, favorite beaches, campsites and so much more. Here's what to expect in the days / weeks ahead.

1) Product Clears Customs - Just like traveling on an international journey, our chairs need to be received and inspected by US Customs and Border Patrol. Think of it as a Passport Stamp, only on products.

2) Product Loads on a large Container Truck - Product has to get from the port to our warehouse where we take stock of the inventory and prepare for shipment.

3) The New Inventory is Received & Inspected At the warehouse, our team unloads the trucks, inspects the shipment and looks for any defects or issues that could occur on the final leg of shipping.

4) Pick & Pack, Label & Ship - The last step. Upon confirmation that units are ready for the last leg, labels are printed and orders are collected. Our warehouse team slaps a label on the box and shipments head out the door with FedEx!

As always, if you have any questions or updates, shoot us an email. The best contact address for our team is