Top 5 Winter Hiking Trails to Visit This Year

Top 5 Winter Hiking Trails to Visit This Year

One of the most exciting outdoor activities during wintertime is backpacking in snowcapped landscapes. It’s the perfect time to dive into an endless snow trail and explore the rugged but mesmerizing beauty nature has bestowed upon us. Think about the freshly fallen snow, stunning picturesque views, winter camping, and the chilly activities you can possibly enjoy. What better way to spend the season? In this blog, let’s take a look at five winter hiking trails that promise you the experience of a lifetime.

Top Pick Winter Hiking Trails in 2021

1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

If you’re looking for a quick escape, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is well-known for its snow-covered aspens, incomparable continental divide, and recreational winter activities. It has numerous peaks to explore and attracts hikers and backpackers no matter the season. But wintertime elevates all expectations of how the place glistens with the snow. Depending on your desired destination and how far you’re looking to go, they have a number of hikes for you to tackle.

2. Mazama Ridge Trail in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

What’s winter hiking without exploring the Mazama Ridge Trail in Washington?

Experience a spectacular view while hiking in large snowfields and astonishing subalpine meadows. The six-mile trail is practically a go-to for most snowshoers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Mount Rainer is not only popular for winter hiking but is also the best place to ski, sled, snowboard, and partake in other winter activities.

Mount Rainier, Washington

3. Watchman Trail in Zion National Park, Utah

Winter in Zion National Park lets you experience both the underlying beauty and solitude nature can offer. It’s excitingly one of the best winter hiking trails for outdoor adventurers too.

But don’t be so distracted by Angels Landing and the Narrows that you miss this hike. You can witness the rich ecology of the remarkable Watchman Trail throughout all four seasons. However, wintertime just changes everything about the experience. The modest trail peaks at less than 400 feet in elevation, making it perfect regardless of your experience level. It flies under the radar but is not to be dismissed.


4. Acadia National Park, Gorham Mountain Trail, Maine

There’s no time like winter for escaping into Acadia National Park. If you’re on the hunt for a winter wonderland, you’ve found it.

It’s known to be one of the nation’s finest campgrounds. In fact, winter hiking towards the summit will be quite rewarding as you’re welcomed with the breathtaking, snow-draped, 525-foot summit of Gorham Mountain.

Pro tip: Approach trails like the Beehive and Precipice with extreme caution. They become more challenging during winter.

Acadia National Park shoreline, Maine 

5. Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Falls Trail, California

Feel the beauty of nature covered in a blanket of snow at Yosemite National Park while hiking this winter. Your holiday season will be packed with activities when planning to visit Yosemite.

The two-mile, moderately difficult, steep climb of the Yosemite Falls Trail ultimately rewards you with mesmerizing views of Upper Yosemite Falls and glimpses of Half Dome and other mountain peaks. Don’t forget to look down and breathe in the beauty of the Merced River.

Yosemite has a lot of wintry holiday activities that make it an exceptional location for an adventure with your family. Don’t miss out on visiting the breathtaking waterfalls, as well.

Yosemite in the winter


Make this season unforgettable with these winter hiking trails. Get acquainted with a whole new world of nature in wintertime. Explore the scenic, picturesque snowfields and create memories with the people you care about.

To make the most of your hike — and do so safely — don’t forget to pack must-have hiking gear. With the temperatures dropping, especially up in the mountains, it’s best to be prepared for icy conditions. 

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