The "R" in PARKIT stands for Responsibility. As an organization, and as people, we believe that we should always leave places better than the way in which we found them. That's why, on day one, we began donating 1% of our revenue to the Planet.

Cardiff, CA


SeaTrees has partnered with local San Diego nonprofit Nature Collective, to support the restoration of a portion of
the San Elijo Lagoon in Cardiff, CA. This project is one of the most extensive wetland restorations in California. Together, we are restoring 15k sq-ft of salt marsh in the West Basin of
San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve near the inlet.

Restoration work is crucial to eliminate and manage invasive plant species and reintroduce native species to the
lagoon. This salt marsh serves as vital habitat for the federally listed Belding’s savannah sparrow, along with a variety of other avian and arthropod species.

Every chair sold by PARKIT means a new opportunity for SeaTrees to expand on it's partnership and resource allocation to Nature Collective. Your support of PARKIT enables local San Diego communities to make way for a sustainable future.

A part of the solution

The PARKIT Impact

The joint efforts of SeaTrees and Nature Collective focuses on maintaining the health of the lagoon's
lands and waters by improving tidal circulation, and undertaking vital restoration work to preserve salt
flats as crucial habitats for various animal species.

Modern infrastructure had nearly halted this natural process, but through initiatives such as constructing wider bridge spans and enhancing tidal channels, tidal flow is now able to reach farther and penetrate deeper into San Elijo Lagoon, rejuvenating its ecological functions.
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The Greater Community

Let's Save The Seas - Together

PARKIT is just one of many brands that play a role in supporting the goals and initiatives of SeaTrees & Sustainable Surf. And we're in some great company. Together, this community has helped SeaTrees reach their goal of planting 1 million trees. More milestones are ahead thanks to support of community members like you.

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