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The thrill of adventure is the blood that courses through our veins, and people are taking notice. As the fastest growing outdoor chair producer in the United States, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to PARKIT. Our mission to inspire outdoor adventure and build community around the fire is in full swing. Here's a few of our highlighted features from our first year in business.

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Changing The Way We Enjoy The Outdoors

When we founded PARKIT in 2020, we all were thrust into one of the most chaotic times in recent history. Our aim, and root of our mission, is to remind everyone of what brings us together. So the next time you find yourself around a campfire, we hope that the experience inspires a new friendship, an idea to pursue, or simply, provides the opportunity to hear the stories of another and come together in what we share.

Interested in sharing our story? Reach out. PARKIT is always open to expanding our community.


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