Fundamental Functionality

Voyager is your front row seat to everything outdoors. Right below your seat is a welded & sealed cooler, with easy access to quickly grab your favorite beverage. The cooler is detachable for individual use and keeps your beverages cold for hours on end. Grab a seat, crack open a cold one, and enjoy.

Durability In Each Component.

VOYAGER boast a lightweight, rust-free aerospace grade aluminum frame with a 350lb weight capacity. The arm rest are sourced from the same wood-like material as modern day boat docks and outdoor patios. Lastly, all engineered movement occurs inside casted joints that protect important mechanical elements ensuring years of use.


Ergonomically Designed Comfort

Comfort was essential in the design of the Voyager. Our engineering team collected data on everything from the perfect recline angle to the optimum height of how high we should sit. The benefit, enter and exit Voyager with ease; sit back, relax and #EnjoyTheExploration.

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Customer Reviews

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Seaworthy Seating

Avast ye shoppers! The VOYAGER chair from PARKIT be a true treasure in the vast sea of outdoor seating. This maritime marvel, with its sturdy construction, be akin to a well-rigged ship weathering the roughest of seas. The weather-resistant materials are as resilient as a ship's hull, standing tall against the salty air and harsh sun. The comfort it provides be smoother than a calm ocean breeze, making it the perfect port for weary souls. Anchors aweigh to PARKIT for crafting the VOYAGER – a flagship chair that navigates the waters of comfort and durability with the finesse of a seasoned captain. Fair winds and a comfy seat to all who embark on this maritime adventure!


My expectations were all over the place after I bought these chairs. I honestly didn't know if I had made one of the best outdoor/chair purchases of all time or just got swindled into buying a jazzed up version of my dead grandma's beach chair. With complete confidence I can tell you it's the first one! 🤣

The chair lives up to and exceeds the hype. I still remember how ridiculous I probably looked lowering myself to sit in the chair (think man discovering fire); I fully expected to hear a creak or feel the chair give a little bit, but nothing. Not a peep. I exhaled like I had just defused a bomb and rightfully so. Now I can relax because I have an sick looking chair (chairs.. Bought a few) that will come with me and my family for years to come. Thanks guys! Keep up the awesome work.. And please make a pint-sized one for the kids soon.

Steve Cuito
Everyone loves the chair👍

So I play a lot of beach volleyball @ surfing .And just lately I’ve been not doing so well with beach chairs . Them breaking on me or just falling apart completely ., By chance I was searching on the Internet. Read the story so I went out and ordered one.. and the chair is awesome and I’m getting comments left and right from people. I must’ve given out to some locals friends and family your website 15 times.. Because after they sat down on the chair, most of them wanted to take it home, or offer me money on the spot for it. You guys rock!!!!!!

Stacie H.
Best Chairs Ever!

These are, by far, the coolest, most versatile, best-looking chairs out there! Whether we're going to a sports event or to the beach, our PARKIT chairs are easy to carry, have the best cooler and cup holder, and people constantly stop to ask us where we got them. Highly recommend!

Christopher Foss Foss
10/10 Recommend

Fantastic product. Fantastic company. 10 out of 10 would recommend.
I was initially worried about the cost, but theses have proved to be worth every penny.

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Two cupholders mean many things to many different people. For some, it means 2 drinks! For others, 2 cupholders might mean a drink on the left and a phone on the right. Heck, you could even put your blue tooth speaker in the additional cupholder (if it fits that is)!


Welded, Insulated & Sealed, and detachable for use on it's own and compatible with our Voyager Carry Straps.


A Cooler-less option, for those looking for a quality, light weight & easy to carry seat.