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5 Winter Camping Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Before you pack for your next chilly outdoor adventure, click here for winter camping tips and tricks from the pros.

The Must-Have Hiking Gear for Your Next Big Trek

Before your upcoming adventure, make sure you prepare accordingly. Check out the complete list of must-have hiking gear, selected personally by the PARKIT team.

The Night Sky | How to Find The Big Dipper

Pulling chairs up to a campfire. Talking about the day’s journey. Stirring the fire to keep warm. Looking up at the stars. These types of moments are hard to beat. Questions seem to always arise...

The Latest Pre-Order Production Update | Customs Clearances

We have exciting news to share. The latest batch of Voyager Outdoor chairs have officially arrived at the Port of Long Beach and customs clearances are underway.DELIVERY TIMELINES: There's only a handful of steps left...

Chasing Hurricane Enrique Up The East Cape

It's pretty taboo to head out into the desert of Baja California without some sense of what you're in for. Normally, a seasoned vet with some basic understanding of the Spanish language and a geographical understanding of region is helpful, more or less required, but every so often caution must be thrown to the wind. Why? The waves are calling and I must go...

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

Welcome to Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. Located in Issaquah Washington, Duthie Hill is a bikers paradise. This is not just because of the endless trails but also because of the jaw dropping scenery. Right when you get to the parking lot this is where your journey truly starts. 

Let's Meet Your Voyager Chair | Technical Use Breakdown

We built Voyager to be functional and durable. Watch this video and learn how to get maximize the use of your new outdoor chair. In this video we're breaking down the fastening mechanism, how to attach and detach the cooler, as well as some of the best practice tips for daily use.

Production Update | Product Is On The Water

We have exciting news to share with all of you. A little over a week ago we received word from our production partners that our containers had been picked up by our logistics partner and were loaded onto cargo ships. It's official, the product is on the water and headed for the Port of Long Beach.

Take Voyager Anywhere - Hands Free Carry

  Voyager's hands-free carry straps allow you to take Voyager to your favorite places on earth. Even, if you so choose, to the top of a mountain. We don't expect a lot of ski /snowboarding...