Production Update | The Trans-Pacific Journey Awaits

Production Update | The Trans-Pacific Journey Awaits

We are closer than ever before to delivering you YOUR VOYAGER outdoor chairs! We look forward to seeing each of you #EnjoyTheExploration and we look forward to hearing how the Voyager has played a role in each of your unique adventures.

Chair Materials preparing for final assembly.

With that being said, we want to update you and let you know that we are still on track to deliver your chairs within the same time frame that we shared in our last update, May 2021. Our international shipping plan has been set up to operate as efficiently as possible (pending any delays at the Port of Long Beach). We will be sending, with first priority, the 3,500 units that have been claimed by our Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backers, as well as our Holiday Pre-Order customers.

Once our warehouses in the U.S.A. receive the product, our third-party logistics partner will pick, label, and ship the units with FedEx. The goal is to have the product land in our partner warehouse, labeled, and shipped within 10 business days.

Tropic chair awaiting it's cooler / tubing awaiting assembly.

To conclude, in our last update we shared the Voyager has passed through a series of durability tests…As you know, creating a quality product that would be reliable for our explorers is our top priority. We wanted to share some additional information in regards to those results so you can get a clear understanding of the superiority you're going to experience with your Voyager Chair.

Weight Test - PASS.
o  We tested 300 lbs. of direct weight on the Voyager and there were no signs of breakage or instability. We will continue to push the Voyager to its max to find out just how much weight it can hold since it has continued to withstand all weight tests.

Salt Test - PASS.
o  We put every component of the chair in a small chamber one piece at a time and sprayed highly concentrated saltwater at the component for 48 hours straight. We continued improving and upgrading every component of the chair until every individual part passed by showing absolutely no signs of deterioration or rust. Cheers to more salty days ahead!

UV Test - PASS
o  We placed the sample in an ultraviolet aging test box for 8 hours straight at a UVA-340. The Voyager showed no signs of color loss or deterioration of quality. The beach and mountain are calling!

Condensation Test - PASS
o  We placed the Voyager in a universal material testing machine where we sprayed direct condensation onto the chair for 4 hours straight. We then removed the chair and tested for color transfers to confirm the colorful patterns on the straps would never leak or transfer onto clothing. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments or simply want to chat, please send us an email at

We can never say it enough, your support and patience is beyond appreciated. Our community of explorers is what inspires us and has brought this company to life. 

Thank you,

Steven Wilcox,
CEO & Founder