Achieving Optimum Wellness in a Fast-Paced World

Achieving Optimum Wellness in a Fast-Paced World


These statements about optimal wellness have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare provider before use. Keep out of reach of children. If nursing or pregnant, consult with your healthcare provider before adding to your daily routine.

You’ve likely heard the human body compared to a machine. While there’s a grain of truth in that concept, our bodies aren’t made in factories and don’t come with operating manuals. Finally, unlike machinery, our bodies don’t remain in the same shape as when we were born. Due to growth and maturity, the human body constantly undergoes new changes. This means that staying focused on optimal wellness should be a continuing endeavor. Because our bodies aren’t machines, there’s no “shop” to remake our bodies when they “break down.”

The good news is that we have plenty of resources to help us stay focused on health and wellness, especially with the recent introduction of quality hemp products. But, how can hemp help us achieve optimal wellness, you may ask? Many people now turn to Full-Spectrum Hemp Oils for all kinds of physical relief, including:

  • Alleviating Mood Tension: Users of Hemp Oil swear by its ability to calm both mind and body when it’s needed most.
  • Improving Sleep: Many people who have sleeping issues offer anecdotal stories of how Hemp Oil helps them sleep better and longer.
  • Managing Physical Discomfort Levels: Many studies show that Hemp Oil provides pain relief, great news for millions of opioid users seeking safer, non-addictive options.
  • Achieving a Healthy Weight: Another area in which Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil shows promise is its ability to support weight loss efforts.

New research continues to uncover more important relationships between the human body, endocannabinoid system, and Hemp Oil. In light of the Farm Bill and continuing research, expect to learn much more about hemp in the coming years.

What is Optimal Wellness?

Before we explore optimal wellness as a way of living, let’s discuss the definition of “wellness.” This establishes a common foundation and language for exploring that particular state. From our standpoint as well as that of health experts, “wellness” refers to a state of actively and consciously pursuing good health.

In essence, optimal wellness comprises a lifestyle that prioritizes good health. This can and should include the following areas:

  • Consumption: The maxim “you are what you eat (and drink)” has never been as relevant as today. In modern America, an estimated 36.6% or 84.8 million adults consume fast food daily. This national habit leads to increased risks for obesity, heart disease, and Type II diabetes.
  • Exercise: Each person should create unique exercise routines to support specific physical needs and demands.
  • Rest: Our society emphasizes hard work as an important goal. However, refreshed minds and bodies are equally important.
  • Supplements: With more foods being processed these days, supplements may be key to better health and wellbeing.
  • Wellness Tools: Specific tools may help facilitate the quest for optimal wellness.

As you can readily see, this well-being checklist is entirely customizable. This means you can modify it as you see fit.

Developing an Optimal Wellness Habit

There’s even better news about creating optimal wellness habits. They grow on you and become ingrained in your system. In due time, you become accustomed to these habits. In addition, you may actually find yourself discovering new inspiration to elevate your state of optimal wellness.

Furthermore, since you aren’t embarking on a pre-designed program, there are no rules to break or goals to meet, except for those you make yourself. However, when creating your list of rules, your first directive should always be: rules can be broken!

Consider this optimal wellness lifestyle a new path upon which you’re now journeying. Think of your rules as a simplified map intended to help you reach your destination. If you reach a summit and see an easier path to your goal, rewrite your map. Rules are merely guidelines to aid you in your journey. Over time, you’ll likely find new, more efficient methods to maintain your new way of living. This means you get to break rules as you see fit.

Optimal Wellness Tips and Guidelines

Another burning question which most people who decide to embrace optimal wellness as a lifestyle is, “Can hemp support wellness?”

It should not come as a major surprise that hemp can and does support wellness in many ways. Studies are beginning to show that it can play a critical role in all five of the well-being actions listed above. Let’s revisit those five areas of optimal wellness, this time to see how hemp can support a healthy lifestyle.

Hemp and Consumption

No one likes to be lectured about healthy food choices. Yet, we also need to be aware that one particular diet isn’t necessarily superior over another. Some people enjoy meats and dairy products while others are more comfortable focusing on plant-based meals. Meanwhile, others prefer a combination of the two. Presently, the flexitarian and pescatarian diets appear to be gaining in popularity.

It’s generally agreed that homemade meals are better for you since you know precisely what goes into each dish. However, busy lifestyles can sometimes limit the amount of kitchen time dedicated to culinary creations. Still, by selectively choosing meals with fewer fats and sugars, you can establish eating habits conducive to optimal wellness.

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy diet is by including hemp with your meals. And, one of the best methods of adding Hemp Oil to meals is with tinctures, which can be ingested sublingually or added to food and beverages.

Since you can’t be entirely certain of the health benefits of certain foods, using Hemp Oil tinctures may be one way to secure better health. The vitamins, phytonutrients, and fatty acids in hemp may help you experience a greater state of wellness.

Hemp and Exercise

The idea behind exercising is two-fold: you build muscles, endurance, and strength while striving to reach or maintain physical goals. When beginning a new exercise program, start small. In due time, you’ll be impressed at your speed in attaining goals and creating new benchmarks.

When you exercise, you may push your body to certain physical limits to reach your fitness goals. However, care should be taken to avoid injuries. This is one reason why integrating Hemp Oil into your exercise regimen can be effective. Dedicated workout fans have discovered that beginning exercise programs with Hemp Oil prepares their bodies for a vigorous exercise session. Many of them use either tinctures or capsules.

A good workout often results in stretched muscles and tendons which need extra attention and care. Using a sports balm is an ideal treatment to counter the aftereffects of a heavy workout. In all, adding Hemp Oil before and after any exercise regimen is another positive step towards the optimal wellness state we all seek.

Hemp and Rest

Even if the world runs on hyper-speed mode, each of us has control over levels of activity and rest. Granted, when we’re in the midst of an important project or deadline, the temptation to ignore our body’s need for rejuvenation is high. In navigating a fast-paced life in a tech-driven world, it isn’t always easy to carve out space for calm and rest. According to the CDC, between 28.5% and 44.1% of Americans get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep at night.

Hemp products are ideally suited for the person seeking a moment of respite or a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s adding tinctures to your nighttime drink, using capsules, or enjoying aromatherapy sessions, you can’t go wrong with this natural, plant-based solution. Hemp has been shown to provide sleep support, delivering the often unattainable rest we all need.

Hemp and Supplements

A large part of many optimal wellness programs is the inclusion of supplements. Multivitamins and nutritional supplements fill most drug store aisles, and certainly, we’re not suggesting that you need all of them. Our healthcare professionals are best positioned to determine whether we suffer from any specific deficiencies. Once identified, most conditions can be treated with a supplement.

However, regular hemp users predominantly find themselves using hemp products as part of a basic supplemental regimen, only occasionally adding other supplements to aid in managing a condition. The reason hemp is a perfect starting point for a supplement program are the varieties of products in which hemp appears, such as:

Using all or any combination offers an infinite array of treatment plans which one can create and maintain. For those just beginning a supplement program, try one or two base products to start, such as lotions and tinctures.  Then, add a new item one at a time, to better gauge how the newly added treatment works in concert with the rest of the regimen.

Often, users find changing seasons create changing needs. For instance, cold, hot, dry, and humid conditions affect how we feel and function. So, feel free to vary treatment plans over time and as the weather changes.  

Hemp and Wellness Tools

Humans live busy lives. This is why finding the right equipment and accessories to assist in your quest for optimal wellness is essential. We use the term “wellness tools” to describe physical equipment and accessories we use to achieve optimal wellness. When we talk of this category, it covers two broad fronts:

  • Usable: Some items are used in conjunction with an optimal wellness program
  • Wearable: Other items are worn to enhance the state of optimal wellness

Examples of usable items include yoga mats, meditation pillows and blankets, and even hammocks. Meanwhile, wearable items cover anything worn which aids in optimal wellness such as running shoes, sunglasses, visors, and smart devices.

Using wellness tools wisely can help us experience greater optimal wellness. However, there’s a danger. Many people think that being “optimally well” equates to taking on any and all physical activities with full gusto. While having a deep reservoir of energy is one facet of optimal wellness, the ability to relax is equally important.

Optimal Wellness With the Voyager From PARKIT

One new and unusual wellness tool which recently caught our attention and enthusiasm is the Voyager from PARKIT. We’ve all used foldable lounge chairs which squeak and wobble when we sit on them. However, when we set our eyes on the Voyager from PARKIT, we felt as if we finally met a company that understood the connection between ergonomic design and optimal wellness. The Voyager is a state-of-the-art recreational-use chair that provides maximum comfort for any outdoor gathering.

We particularly appreciate these features of the Voyager:

  • Wooden Armrests: Display taste and style while touting your outdoor adventure spirit.
  • Fully Insulated, Detachable Cooler: Allows you to pack up to 24 cans of beverages (which you can augment with Hemp Oil tinctures).
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Instead of adjusting yourself in a flimsy chair, the Voyager fits to you, offering complete support and comfort
  • Exterior Pockets: More than a folding chair, the Voyager is like the ultimate backpack for adding essential extras.
  • Hands-Free Carry Straps: Pack the Voyager to the brim, throw it on your back, and free your hands for other tasks and activities.
  • Interchangeable Cupholder: Allows you to accommodate cups, coffee mugs, and even canteens.

We also connect strongly with PARKIT’s design intentions, emphasizing fundamental functionality, maximum comfort, and ultimate durability. In particular, the idea of “fundamental functionality” perfectly resonates with our own “Functional Wellness” philosophy. So much so that, we’re informally combining forces and endorsing PARKIT’S Voyager chair. The latter is a perfect example of a tool that promotes wellness. The Voyager also equates to the Swiss-Army-knife of portable seating, with its range of versatile features.

From our perspective, the Voyager invites the sitter to completely let go and take in the environment. All too often, in our fast-paced life, we don’t get the opportunity to sit back and truly experience nature and enjoy the benefits of Hemp Oil. We see a perfect formula in the following equation: Hemp Oil + Voyager + Nature = Optimal Wellness & Happy Days.

Attaining and Maintaining Optimum Wellness

As stated in the beginning, the human body isn’t a machine, dependent upon uniform care and maintenance practices across entire demographics. Rather, our bodies are incredibly unique, adaptive, and flexible systems that no machine can match in complexity and singularity. And, the human species is equally blessed with an intelligent nervous system capable of envisioning new ideas to promote health and wellbeing.

This gives each informed individual the power to develop a unique path to optimal wellness. By developing and following a daily regimen that includes hemp products, you can lay the groundwork for a fun, exciting, and rewarding wellness journey. As you approach a state of optimal wellness, you will have also acquired and mastered the different tools to maintain that envied state.

Of course, you may experience distractions or possible setbacks. However, once your course is set and your eye is on the prize, the journey to discovery, learning, and growth is inevitable. And, with hemp as an essential element of your wellness foundation, your fitness goals will be that much easier to attain.

Have any questions about acquiring and using top-quality hemp products? Contact us today, and we will address any concerns you may have about hemp.