PARKIT x 1% FTP x SeaTrees

PARKIT x 1% FTP x SeaTrees

A partnership with 1% for the Planet’ has been an aspiration for PARKIT since before the company launched, and we're proud to share how this partnership has become an increasingly significant part of our mission.

For those who are just learning about 1%FTP, the organization was created in 2002 by Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, as well as Craig Mathews, the founder of Blue Ribbon Flies. Through their experiences as entrepreneurs, they developed an understanding of how impactful a collection of like-minded organizations could be through collaboration toward something greater than themselves.

At its core, 1%FTP prioritizes making environmental change seem less daunting, hoping to inspire others to take responsibility for the change they wish to see. For non-profit organizations, they've built a platform to increase support from businesses like PARKIT. For individual members, they provide resources that allow them to immerse themselves into the issues they seek to change. For business members (such as PARKIT), they request financial commitments and each business member is required to donate 1% of revenue to the cause of their choice. The total sum of these contributions over the last 18 years has amassed more than $250 million dollars, with each dollar finding it's way to approved, environmentally-focused nonprofits thanks to the help of more than 3,000 contributor partners.

Thanks to 1% for the Planet, PARKIT is able to establish our first partnership with SeaTrees and Sustainable Surf.

Sea Trees is an incredible campaign, determined to regenerate coastal ecosystems by planting trees around the world that help to pull carbon out of the atmosphere, increasing biodiversity, and creating sustainable communities. By rebuilding ecosystems, a domino effect is created which is crucial to preserving our planet and re-enforcing corporate sustainability. What starts with planting marine foliage leads to the improved safety of endangered species as well as improving global oxygen levels, ultimately creating a better environment for all of the earth's inhabitants.  



We are excited to announce that you can now help support SeaTrees and its mission through PARKIT thanks to our latest ‘Buy1-Plant1’ campaign. With this campaign, PARKIT will start its mission to fulfill our commitments to the protection and enhancement of future exploration. The terms are simple but the impact is significant. With each purchase of the Voyager outdoor recreational use chair, PARKIT will work directly with SeaTrees to plant Mangrove trees on the northern coast of Papua, Indonesia. These mangroves will help to remove carbon out of the atmosphere at a rate of 4x that of any other tree species. The planting of these trees will produce an oxygen-rich ecosystem and grow over time to host and protect local marine life. The local communities in the area also benefit from the project, providing jobs, income, and stability for a developing region of the world on the Island of Biak, Indonesia.

Why has PARKIT made this a commitment at such an early stage? Because we don’t believe in waiting to do the right thing. PARKIT was created to make a difference; if we had not made a positive impact on our community and planet within our first year of business, we would have failed ourselves. The R in PARKIT stands for responsibility. That’s why during our first month of revenue generation, we were approved by 1% as an official partner. We sought out 1% for the Planet to act as a network, connecting us to companies and non-profits alike to unite for what we believe in. We envision a future where our Voyager outdoor chairs, allow us to relax and enjoy life in nature's greatest playgrounds.