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Over 200+ ★★★★★ Reviews

Protecting What Matters

The cabin fever we have experienced since the beginning of quarantine has had a bigger impact on the world politically than many of us had originally expected. With all the ups and downs that have...

Why You Should Get Lost - An Inward Expedition

Potentially, the first and most significant fear that you may encounter when beginning an adventure, is the fear of getting lost. Now, this is a reasonable fear because you may lose control of many elements...

Nomad Chronicles | Part I

Do you have anything you obsess over?


The Story of Voyager

Voyager wasn't an idea born overnight. It evolved organically over 2 years...


PARKIT Expeditions: The Depths of the Wasatch

There's always one trip that strips you of it all energy yet drives you because the feeling of satisfaction day after day is worth everything.


How Photography Takes Me To New Places

The urge to explore is real. It's in everyone. Although the level to which one explores versus another can be a bit different, the urge we feel to step into the unknown brings both risk and reward.

Why It’s Best To Follow Your Inspiration

There’s a lot of things to do on this planet. So many beautiful places to explore, cities to see, mountains to climb… it’s a never-ending list of incredible experiences. How on earth do we decide...

Strike Mission: Sumbawa

“What’s the plan? Where are we going?” Do we ever really know? Our journey through this physical experience is something of continuous growth. Lesson after lesson. Fall after fall. And hopefully, barrel after barrel. Some are more stagnant, crazy, risky or structured than others, but to us, it’s expeditions like this one that drive us everyday.

Central California Getaway

In a weird crux of ways, we rejoice this end of summer with a celebration. We take a day off of work, call it Labor Day, and do anything but “Labor.” I’ve always found that a tad ironic. But nonetheless, it means with certainty that many of us will lock our doors, stick our keys into the ignition and go. Our eyes will watch multiple lane highways narrow to single lane roads. We’ll count the miles from one small town to another, stopping for snacks, gas, and an inevitable toilet break along the way. Weird isn’t it. That this is what we crave? On Labor Day, we do anything but. Instead, we explore.